Author: wearelebanon

WAL contributed to 3 important events as a media sponsor!

“We Are Lebanon” partnered with “Beirut International Marathon” and participated in the 5KM “Run for a Cause” race along with other NGOs, and also helped promoting the 20th edition of the event that took place on Sunday Nov 13th 2022.

“We Are Lebanon” also partnered with “Saida Marathon International Association” as a media sponsor and helped promoting their Triathlon that took place in September 2022 in Saida.

Moreover, “We Are Lebanon” was also one of “Swim Lebanon’s” event media sponsors, that took place in Al Mina, Palm islands in Tripoli, and helped support both of the main causes behind this event, the environmental and the touristic cause.

WAL took part in the “Strengthening Capability for Integrated Border Management” project!

“We Are Lebanon” took part in EU funded project “Strengthening Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon”, aiming to set a sound Lebanese maritime strategy, that has significant impact across different areas including security, economy, trade, education, employment, tourism, industry, environment and the country as a whole. “We Are Lebanon” actively participated in 3 different sessions where it suggested several points to be added to the Tourism part of the strategy.

WAL held its first Iftar and contributed to fighting hunger in Lebanon!

“We Are Lebanon” implemented a charity activity whereby it provided food to 50 families in need, within different geographic locations including Beirut, Tyre, Saida, Tripoli (El – Mina). The project was implemented in cooperation with the Turkish Disaster Management Center that donated 50 food rations, 15 kgs each.
WAL also held a Ramadan Iftar for more than 100 orphan children in Saida, which included a entertaining activity, and sweets were distributed at the end of the event.